It’s A Wrap! Get The Champagne
Maya Levi, the designer behind your favorite shoes sums up 2017 at Olive Thomas with ten important highlights and an extra something for 2018.
  1. The year of the Mule(s)
    Slip-on's, slides or mules, it doesn’t matter what you call them- everybody was wearing them in 2017, and they were definitely included in our best-sellers. Gigi, Coco, Jolie, Noor and Aria, no less than five models of fashionable slippers, seasonless and for every style, were designed and produced in 2017.

  2. The fastest “Sold Out” style
    Jolie, in every color and texture, was without a doubt the biggest hit of 2017 and left behind multiple customers with their size out of stock. I can testify that the combination of comfort together with a flattering cut, and the ongoing Mule trend from the previous section produced the desired shoe of the year. For this reason, I made sure to remake this style, so don’t miss out! The stock is limited.

  3. Metallic Leathers
    This year I tried working with a metallic palette for the first time. Both in the Summer and Winter collections I introduced shiny, reflective leathers that leave no eye indifferent.

  4. My favorite shoe
    The design and comfort are always central in the brands styles, but if I had to choose one child from all my children, then Noor is definitely my favorite! It’s like walking around in slippers all day, but with all the street style in the world, and unless it’s pouring down outside, you’ll never find me without them. They’re also special to me because it’s a new style of shoe for Olive Thomas, and I’m always happy when I feel that I’ve managed to come up with a new model that still has the brand DNA.

  5. The “Blood, toil, tears and sweat” shoe.
    Ok, so not blood, and maybe not tears, but “Daria” went through so many prototypes, with the chain, without the chain, two chains, this color, that color, that was close to scrapping the shoe. And then with (what turned out to be) the final prototype, I tried them on and was surprised by how much I loved them. Happily, the customers seem to agree.

  6. The shoe with the easiest “birth”
    Everything happened so quickly and smoothly with “Lia”, I had a very clear vision of what I wanted and the first prototype matched the vision exactly. A round of contractions and they were out. Needless to say, they were my go-to shoes for the summer.

    Lia Denim
  7. The year of the photographer
    In 2017 Instagram became the main visual platform for almost all businesses. The standards rose and with them the frequency of my meetings with my photographer and with various dollar stores. Piles of confetti, cardboards, vinyl flooring, backgrounds, and various other strange and wonderful props (including a pineapple, dried palm leaves, a teapot and more) took up a lot of my workspace this year, and even though creating visual content has become more intensive than ever, I’m still looking forward to my next photo shoot.

    photo shoot
  8. My top 3 Instagram pics
    I dove deep into the hundreds of photos on Instagram and chose my three favorites from 2017:

    A burst of creativity that turned out exactly as I wanted:

    noor still life
    Pink was my color crush of the year:

    One spring morning I woke up, went to the market, bought a huge bouquet of gorgeous flowers and arrived at the studio. And this is work?

    coco flowers
  9. Instagram Stories
    I must admit that Social Media doesn’t come easily or naturally to me. But the Instagram Stories came along, and my new addiction was born. It’s easy, it’s fun, it’s unfiltered and unpolished. Instagram Gods- Please keep it this way just a little longer…

    story boomerang
  10. This blog
    In January 2017 I started this blog and am really happy with the direction that it’s taking and am enjoying the journey. The contents of the blog, from feminism and femininity to trends and shoes, constantly remind me how I wound up a shoe designer, and why all the reasons are still relevant!

  11. And one for the coming year
    There are those that think that I am 35, but in February I’ll be celebrating 10 years! The preparations for decade celebrations are in full steam, and will start soon with a super-limited edition of your top ten styles from all the years. Make room in your wardrobe!





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