On Maya's Table- 5 Things That Are Currently On Our Designer's Desk

2017 starts well at Olive Thomas: Velvet (vegan-friendly) boots have recently joined our hall of fame, we have a new site with online shopping, and to complete the revolution we've gone and started a blog for which we have serious intentions.

For our opening post, we chose to celebrate with the designer behind the brand, Maya Levi, who gave us a look at the things on her home desk that she's loving at the moment. Tales of boots to cuddle with, eyes that make you smile and a curated tea time.

1. Velvet
My current obsession (everyone's?) makes you want to get all dressed up and hit the town and cuddle up with a pair of boots under the covers in bed at the same time. Whoever invented velvet is a genius.

2. Googly Eyes
Initially bought for the kids, I've got a bowl of them on my desk, and I find myself sticking them on random objects. Almost everything is better with a pair of eyes watching you.  Do try it at home.

3. The Sellout by Paul Beatty
I admit that since I became a mother (and since Instagram) I read much less than I'd like, but I do try to start Saturdays with a lazy lie in and a good read.

4. A mug of tea
Hi, my name is Maya and I grew up in London and I drink tea. Lots of tea. With milk. And not just any mug of tea. It has to be Earl Grey in one of the mugs from my vast collection of carefully curated mugs (there are strict criteria). This particular mug is one of my from favourites and was bought as a souvenir from the "The World Goes Pop" exhibition at the Tate Modern in London.

5. My Instax-Mini Camera
Even at my age I still get as excited as a child when the little white rectangle exits the top of the camera- it's the ultimate immediate satisfaction.

And playing in the background-
 "Searching for Sugarman" Soundtrack / Sixto Rodrigez
Highly recommended for winter weekends.

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