5 Tips To Look After Your Boots In Winter

You searched for them high and low, when you finally found them you contemplated over them and then you eventually invested a small sum. The perfect pair of boots are finally yours and now your only job is to make sure they stay that way.

For the mission, we recruited our experts (hi Maya!) and gathered together 5 super simple tips that will help you look after your shoes with minimum investment.

Tip #1 Air your shoes after each use


As soon as you've arrived home after a long a day, and removed your shoes, leave your boots unzipped/unbuckled/unlaced, and let them air in a warm dry spot (not in direct sunlight) to prevent moisture and unwanted odours. Don't leave the shoes by a radiator (or any other source of heating) as it will dry the leather and might cause unwanted cracks.

Tip #2 Rotate your shoes

Like you, your boots also need a day off. If you want your fine leather shoes to last longer, try not to wear them for two consecutive days.

Tip #3 Stay in shape with the help of socks

shoe care socks

When your boots are on holiday, help them keep their shape by inserting socks into the toe cap. The socks will help the shoes keep their shape and also absorb any sweat. If need be you can also use scrunched up newspapers.

Tip #4 Remove stains with vinegar and an old toothbrush

shoe care vinegar

Salt and water stains that accumulate are easy to remove with a little vinegar and a toothbrush. Pour a little vinegar into a bowl and lightly brush the shoes. Don't be alarmed by the smell, it will quickly evaporate.

Tip #5 A weekly brush

shoe care brush

As if we didn't have enough on our plate, here's one other thing to do, but it's important and worthwhile: Invest a little in a proper shoe kit and use it once a week. With the right brush (note, that there are different brushes for different leathers), a dry rag or cloth and cream (or for suede leathers spray) you can minimise the damage caused by wetness, dirt or human error, prevent dryness and give the leathers the proper moisture that it needs.

shoe care suede brush


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